How Luxe & Luna® hand-crafted Pillows are Made

The Luxe & Luna® Difference

Our Mission is Simple.

The Luxe & Luna™ Difference

Luxe & Luna™ is committed to bringing you the finest and healthiest affordable luxury bedding available anywhere. Not only Made in America, but made with American-sourced materials. Only Oeko-Tex Certified and GOTS Certified Organic fabrics are used in manufacturing our products, and only responsibly sourced duck and goose down and feathers.

Skilled Craftmanship

Skilled Craftmanship

Our exceptional pillows, comforters, featherbeds and bedding protectors are hand-made in our manufacturing facility just outside of Denver, CO.

The Finest American-made Fabrics

Oeko-Tex Certified, GOTS certified, certified eco-friendly, 100% cottons and silks, and hypo-allergenic fabrics — quality you can count on. 

The Finest Responsibly-sourced American Duck and Goose Downand Feathers

Our goose and duck down & feathers are ethically harvested triple washed, and then sanitized at our factory. Then tumbled dry for several hours to produce a lovely mixture of soft and lofty fill.

50/50 Down and Feather Blend

Our Perfect Pillow™ is made from this exceptional blend of 50/50 down and feather. We custom blend and sanitize our down and feathers at our factory. Blended by weight and tumbled for hours to ensure a uniform mix and exceptional loft.e text

100% White Duck Down

A coveted luxury fill.

80/20 Down and Feather Blend

80% down and 20% soft feather is ideal for luxurious sleep products including pillows, duvet inserts, feather beds, and mattress toppers.

100% White Goose Down

The ultimate luxury fill for pillows, comforters and blankets.